What the Bleep do we know

Title: What the Bleep Do We Know?

2004 Hopscotch Entertainment

This documentary follows the story of a woman who starts to question the nature of reality. It also contains many interviews with scientists, philosophers and spiritual figures. It links quantum physics with modern-day spirituality.

Clip 1: ‘What is Reality: a philosopher’s question’ This clip explores the idea, through interviews and the story of a young woman’s daily experiences, that our consciousness creates the experience we call reality.

Clip duration (minutes/seconds): 6:30 – 14:45 (8:15 total length)

Clip 2: ‘What is God?’ Explores different ideas on how we can relate to the concept of God.

Clip duration (minutes/seconds): 46:17 – 50:11 (3:54 total length)

Clip 3: ‘The Power of Thought’ This clip looks at how our thoughts can affect our reality, with reference to quantum physics and Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments on water.

Clip duration (minutes/seconds): 33:23 – 38:08 (4:45 total length)

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