Journalism Ethics Case Studies

Journalism goes to the movies is a useful book containing ethical case studies illustrated by popular films. The book raises a variety of ethical issues faced by journalists, including privacy, conflict of of interest, reporter and source relationships, and the role of journalists in their communities. In the word document attached, are the two cases studies of particular relevance and their associated page references. Each chapter, of which there are twelve, deals with an individual ethical issue depicted and dramatized in a movie. At the end of the book are discussion questions related directly to what the students have watched and learnt about the topic. Of particular interest are the following two chapters: Chapter III: Political Manipulation of the Media: Wag the Dog (movie), discussion chapter written by Berrin A. Beasley. Discussion questions: p. 166 Chapter IX: Ethics in Black and White: Good Night, and Good Luck (movie), discussion chapter written by Michael Dillon. Discussion questions: p. 169

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