Introducing Aesthetics

This book introduces some of the main issues in aesthetics. It focuses on ideas and thinkers; it also makes an attempt at historical narrative. Students would find this boo replete with illustrations reasonably engaging. One of its strengths is that it illustrates the wide range of philosophical debates into which aesthetics injects itself. The book contains some particularly useful sections: It contains a helpful introduction to the term aesthetics (pgs 3-6). It offers an interesting overview of Plato’s understanding of art (pgs 8-14). Aristotle’s views on art, which have had a huge amount of influence on literature especially, are presented in an accessible fashion (pgs 16-22). Kant’s views on art and the sublime are also described. The book offers an account of Nietzsche’s aesthetics, which could be presented to older students (pgs 57-61). It also contains a nice one-page treatment of Kandinsky’s ‘synaesthesia’ (pg 74) The section on Bataille (pgs 101-104) is especially interesting. There is a brief, but engaging, treatment of tournement (pg 119). The book also contains an especially accessible section on the thought of Barthes (145-148). Title: Introducing Aesthetics Author: Christopher Kul-Want Illustrator: Piero Publisher: Icon Books ISBN: 9781840467901

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