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Eastern Philosophy: Key Readings

This anthology brings together an impressive range of excerpts from Eastern philosophical texts, categorized under many different topics. Some excerpts are a lot harder to read than others. The readings below have been picked out because they were thought to be easier for high school students and cover a wide range of topics, but there […]

An introduction to Greek philosophy

Title: An introduction to Greek philosophy Author: Luce, J.V. Publisher: Thames and Hudson Date: 1992 Introduces the main personalities and schools of Greek philosophy. The language is lucid and clear but an advanced vocabulary is required. A prior background in classics or philosophy would be beneficial. Classics students will be exposed to the deeper philosophical […]

Philosophy for Teens

Title: Philosophy for Teens: Ideas and Ideals Editors: Grispino, Joseph A. Publisher: Third Millennium Publishing Date: 2005 ISBN: 1-932657-38-X NOTES: Philosophy for Teens was written for American high school students. It can be used either directly by students or as a guide for teachers. Although some of the references are uniquely American (e.g. republican/democrat, civics […]

What Do You Know: An Introduction to Global Skepticism

This PowerPoint Presentation gets students to challenge their perception of reality by suggesting that our senses are not as reliable as we think they are. The language and content is fairly basic, but students of all ages would enjoy discussing the issues raised by this resource.

William Paley: The Argument From Design

This PowerPoint presentation covers the argument for the existence of God known as The Teleological Argument or The Argument From Design as presented by William Paley. The presentation uses clear and basic language that would be suitable for year 9 and 10 students or younger.

Unesco Bioethics Neuroscience addictions

Philosophy Resource Managing | Home UNESCO Bioethics, neuroscience. The neuroscience of Pleasure, Reward and Addiction. Thorough explanation of both biological and lifestyle causes of addiction. Each section followed by excellent ethical questions. Also covers biological versus moral behaviours in drug addictions, good and bad drugs, impact of stress and lifestyle in diseases. From book, A […]

UNESCO Bioethics Introduction

UNESCO Bioethics Introduction One page explanantion of each topic, which is easy to understand with no jargon. Each section is followed by a few excellent and very thought provoking questions. 1.BIOETHICS. Explains that bioethics does not have one right answer, but depends on balancing different benefits, risks and duties. 2. AUTONOMY. Good explanation of this […]