Category: Geography

Immigration by Christopher Wellman

This article discusses, in detail, the various issues that pertain to immigration. The article is broad in scope, and is, for this reason, quite long. It does, however, contain some accessible passages. Teachers might pull certain passages out of the article, and present them to students. Alternatively, they might use the ideas presented in the […]

In Praise of Migration by Kofi Annan

This short article, by Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations, presents some of the issues pertaining to immigration. Annan offers an eloquent defense of migration, and details some of the problems that migration engenders. This excellent article might be given to students as an introduction to the subject.

Is Immigration a Human Right by Philip Spiegel

This article reports on Kieran Oberman, a post-doctoral scholar looking at some of the issues surrounding immigration. Oberman argues that immigration should be a right, and that it is a necessary component of freedom of movement, which, like other freedoms, is exceedingly important. He suggests that certain limits on immigration can be justified, and concedes […]

Overpopulation and Animal Rights by Doris Lin

This article suggests that human overpopulation is the biggest threat to animals. The author argues that overpopulation leads to the deterioration and degradation of natural habitats, and that this adversely affects other species. This article is broad in scope, and requires the reader to think for him- or herself about the various implications that overpopulation […]