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Something to Prove: philosophy, community of inquiry & creative thinking

Something to Prove is an introduction to philosophy and the practice of community of inquiry (COI). Researched and written specifically for young adults and their teachers, it pokes an exploratory finger into the areas of metaphysics, epistemology, aesthetics, political ideology, formal reasoning, ethics, culture, freedom, and more. The book employs contemporary story-telling techniques, informal language, […]

Philosophy of religion for A level – high school textbook

Title: Philosophy of religion for A level Authors: Jordan, Anne and Neil Lockyer and Edwin Tate Publisher: Stanley Thorne (Publishing) Ltd. Date: 2002 This is a UK textbook for advanced high school students. It resembles the type of book that might be used for a second year undergraduate course in philosophy of religion at a […]

Evil and Suffering in Jewish Philosophy

Book Title: Evil and Suffering in Jewish Philosophy Author: Leaman, Oliver Publisher: Cambridge University Press Date: 1995 ISBN: 0-521-41724-4 The problem of evil is one of the most commonly discussed topics in the philosophy of religion. Jewish philosophers have had a lot to say on this topic, especially in light of events like the Holocaust. […]

Blackwell companion to the study of religion

Chapter Title: Philosophy of Religion Chapter Author: Charles Taliaferro Chapter Pages: Chapter 6, p.123-145 Book Title: The Blackwell companion to the study of religion Book Editor: Robert A. Segal Publisher: Blackwell Date: 2009 ISBN: 9781405185981 (pbk) This chapter is a good summary of the philosophy of religion including a historical overview, the main arguments and […]

Routledge A Level Philosophy

This very useful and secondary school student appropriate website, is targeted at students in Year 12 and 13. It covers a range of topics including reason and experience, why should I be governed? Why should I be moral? The idea of God, persons, knowledge of the external world, tolerance, the value of art, God and […]

Determinism and Human Action

This Article follows from the article titled Determinism which is also posted on this website. In this article action and causation, human action as subject to natural laws, and strong and weak determinism are discussed. Year 11, 12 and 13 students will find the language and content suitable.


This article provides a clear and comprehensive explanation of determinism appropriate for Year 11, 12 and 13 students. Universal causation, causal necessity and causal theory, among other concepts, are discussed. This article could also be a useful overview for teachers.

Omniscience and Free Will

This article discusses the connection between Gods omniscience and determinism. Helpful and clear explanations of physical determinism, soft determinism and psychological determinism are also included. The content and language in this article is appropriate for a range of secondary school students.

Determinism and Freedom Terminology

Title: Determinism and Freedom Philosophy: It’s Terminology Author: Ted Honderich Location: ‘Determinism and Freedom Philosophy- It’s Terminology’, explains a number of terms relating to the topic of free will and determinism. Some of the terms covered include cause, determinism, indeterminism, free will, combatibilism and incompatibilism. Although the language is not basic, it would be […]

Islamic Philosophy

Title: Islamic Philosophy Author: Sheik, M. Saeed Publisher: Octagon Press Location: London Date: 1982 ISBN: 0900860502 This book summarizes the four main schools of medieval Islamic philosophy along with those Islamic thinkers who were influenced by Greek philosophy. It is a lucid and comprehensive text but would be better suited to older students or those […]