Category: Animal Ethics

A Cross Cultural Introduction to Bioethics

A Cross Cultural Introduction to Bioethics is an introductory text book in bioethics aimed at highschool level students. Broad topics covered include: Environmental Ethics, Genetics, Medical Ethics, Reproduction Neurosciences and Social Ethics. Within each of these topics are pages that introduce and explain the issues involved. For example there will be a page introducing vegetarianism […]

Examined Life

DVD of eight philosophers giving separate ten minute monologues on what a meaningful life is. Cornel West on truth, failure and meaninglessness. Avital Ronell on meaning, ethical anxiety, and responsibility for the other. Peter Singer on how we spend money, using animals, the rise of applied ethics, and failing to help. Kwame Anthony Appiah on […]

The Five Freedoms

Title: The Five Freedoms Location: Should animals be given freedoms? This article presents five freedoms that are important for animals. Teachers might use the list to get students thinking about whether or not animals should be entitled to freedoms, and what might be done to protect them.

People of the Land

Title: People of the land: A Pacific philosophy Author: Patterson, John Publisher: Dunmore Press ISBN: 0864693672 By the author of Exploring Maori Values. This book argues that there is a uniquely Maori philosophy of environmental ethics, and that many aspects of it are worth adopting by all peoples. It is a comprehensive overview of Maori […]

Why Its Wrong to Test on Animals

This accessible article presents some arguments against animal testing. It also links, throughout, to articles on related topics. The author argues that ‘vivisection is antithetical to animal rights because animals have a right to be free from experimentation, imprisonment, and killing.’ She details the relationship between animal experimentation and human progress, and suggests that ‘[j]ust […]

The Moral Status of Animals by Lori Gruen

The introduction to this article provides a succinct entry-point into current debates on animal ethics. It raises questions concerning the sources of our obligations to other species, and details the various stances that philosophers take in relation to the differences that exist between humans and animals. While the article itself is challenging, teachers might find […]

The Meatrix

‘The Meatrix is all around you. It is the story we tell ourselves about where meat and animal products come from.’ These audio visual clips provide an accessible entry-point into discussions relating to animal ethics. By exposing some of the practices of those corporations that deal in animal products, the clips force those watching them […]

The Future in Your Hands

This short documentary introduces a range of issues relating to animal welfare. Unlike most of the audio visual material that exists relating to animal ethics, this clip does not contain very many unsettling images…