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Maori Philosophy

Chapter Heading: Nga Whakaaro Maori: Maori Philosophy Location in Text: Pp. 255-268 Author: Roy W. Perrett Title: From Africa to Zen: An Invitation to World Philosophy Editor: Robert C. Solomon and Kathleen M. Higgins Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. ISBN: 0742513505 This chapter is a comprehensive summary of Maori philosophy which may be useful […]

Key concepts in Maori culture

Title: Tikanga Whakaaro: Key Concepts in Maori Culture Author: Barlow, Cleve Publisher: Oxford University Press ISBN: 0195582128 Each section of this book introduces a Maori concept (e.g. ihi, kawanatanga, mana, wananga) followed by explanatory text of 1-2 pages. It provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to many of the concepts involved in Maori philosophy. The […]

Living by Maori Values

Title: Tikanga Maori: Living by Maori Values Author: Mead, Hirini Moko Publisher: Huia Publishers ISBN: 1877283886 The first two chapters of this book may be helpful for teaching Maori philosophy. Chapter 1 (The Nature of Tikanga Maori) is a good introduction to the concepts underlying Maori tikanga (values and beliefs). Chapter 2 (Underlying Principles and […]

People of the Land

Title: People of the land: A Pacific philosophy Author: Patterson, John Publisher: Dunmore Press ISBN: 0864693672 By the author of Exploring Maori Values. This book argues that there is a uniquely Maori philosophy of environmental ethics, and that many aspects of it are worth adopting by all peoples. It is a comprehensive overview of Maori […]

The Woven Universe

Title: The Woven Universe Author: Marsden, Rev. Maori Publisher: The Estate of Rev. Maori Marsden ISBN: 047307916X The author of this text on Maori philosophy was both an Anglican minister and graduate of the whare wananga (Maori tribal esoteric school). Intended for an adult audience but some sections may be suitable for senior secondary students. […]

Wheke the celebration of infinite wisdom

Title: Wheke: A celebration of infinite wisdom Author: Turuki Pere Rangimarie Publisher: n/a ISBN: 0959799400 The layout of this text resembles a childrens picture book but is probably best suited to high school students. Each page has a word such as mauri, mana, whenua etc. followed by an illustration and a page long description of […]

Exploring Maori Values

Title: Exploring Maori Values Author: John Patterson Publisher: The Dunmore Press Limited ISBN: 0864691564 A good introduction to Maori philosophy, based mainly on the proverbs and narratives collated from Maori oral tradition and the academic literature surrounding it. The author is a senior lecturer in philosophy. Accessible, well-rounded and balanced. Intended for adults but may […]