Category: African Philosophy

African Philosophy Today and Yesterday

Chapter Title: African Philosophy: Today and Yesterday Chapter Author: Omoregbe, Joseph I. Chapter Pages: Chapter 1, p.3-8 Book Title: African Philosophy: An Anthology Book Editor: Eze, Emmanuel Chukwudi Publisher: Blackwell Date: 1998 ISBN: 0-631-20337-0 This chapter of the book African Philosophy: An Anthology gives a brief introduction to African philosophy, including some of the concepts […]

African Ethics

A discussion of African ethics which would be useful for teachers and advanced students. Quite long, but contains very little jargon. It is mostly a commentary on traditional African maxims. These maxims are simple but they could give rise to different levels of advanced discussion depending on the age group.

African Sage Philosophy

From the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, discussion of African Sage Philosophy and how it fits into the Western idea of what constitutes philosophy. The ideas discussed are mostly drawn from the writings of Kenyan philosopher Henry Odera Oruka. While the article as a whole is not very readable for most students, it contains plenty of […]