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Who or What is God

Chapter Title: Who or What is God? Book Title: Who or What is God? Author: Hick, John Chapter Pages: Chapter 25, p.1-13 Publisher: SCM Press Date: 2008 ISBN: 978-0-334-04184-9 This is the first chapter of a book by John Hick called Who or What is God? in which the author addresses this question with reference […]

Philosophical Foundations of Jewish Ethics

Chapter Title: The Philosophical Foundations of Jewish Ethics: Some Initial Reflections Author: Fox, Marvin Chapter Pages: Chapter 25, p.51-74 Editor: Nussbaum, Jacob Book Title: Collected Essays on Philosophy and on Judaism. Volume Three: Ethics, Reflections Publisher: University Press of America Date: 2003 ISBN: 0-7618-2531-2 In this essay on the philosophical foundations of Jewish ethics, Marvin […]

Japanese Philosophy

Chapter Title: The Buddhist Phase Author: Blocker, Gene and Christopher Starling Chapter Pages: Chapter 2, p.25-61 Book Title: Japanese Philosophy Publisher: State University of New York Press Date: 2001 ISBN: 0-7914-5019-8 It has often been said that there is no distinct Japanese philosophy, and this book is an attempt to address that claim. The second […]

African Philosophy Today and Yesterday

Chapter Title: African Philosophy: Today and Yesterday Chapter Author: Omoregbe, Joseph I. Chapter Pages: Chapter 1, p.3-8 Book Title: African Philosophy: An Anthology Book Editor: Eze, Emmanuel Chukwudi Publisher: Blackwell Date: 1998 ISBN: 0-631-20337-0 This chapter of the book African Philosophy: An Anthology gives a brief introduction to African philosophy, including some of the concepts […]