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Legal Rights

Title: Matthew Kramer on Legal Rights Location: In this audio clip (15:01), Matthew Kramer explains legal rights – what rights are, and what they are for. He discusses the difference between rights and liberties, and also explains the difference between will and interest theories. He also offers a number of examples to illustrate these […]

Stephen Neale on Meaning and Interpretation

Stephen Neale discusses questions of meaning and interpretation in everyday life and in the law. How relevant are intentions? Do words carry their meanings independently of the contexts in which they are used? Although this is about the meaning of language it can be extended to a discussion on the meaning and interpretation of works […]

The Philosophers Zone Darwinian Aesthetics

Denis Dutton discusses his Darwinian theory of the origin of the arts. The first ten minutes is a general discussion about the relevance of Darwinian theory on our day to day life. After that, Dutton details an account of why the creation of art could be an evolutionary adaptation. Topics discussed: Art as a fitness […]

BBC Ethics Guide

This ‘ethics guide’ links to a number of accessible resources, which present issues pertaining to animal ethics. Resources are grouped under headings, including: Overview, Rights and ethics, Using animals, Defending animals, Religious views, Animal-friendly lifestyles, and Audio features. While most of the articles are very accessible, some are replete with arguments and others are not. […]

Philosophy Talks – What is Art?

What is art? Anything someone wants to call art? Or are there some objective criteria, that not every instance of paint smeared on canvas and not every murder mystery meets? What are the main philosophies of art? Are any of them plausible? John and Ken talk about the nature of art with Alexander Nehamas from […]