Advanced Religious Studies

Title: Advanced Religious Studies

Authors: Tyler, Sarah K. And Gordon Reid

Publisher: Philip Alan Updates

Date: 2002

NOTES: This is a large UK religious studies textbook that contains a lot of philosophy. The first two sections, entitled Philosophy of Religion and Religious Ethics would be the most useful for philosophy students. It contains plenty of material for teachers, and advanced students will find it a helpful resource.

Section 1- Philosophy of Religion

Topic 1- ‘Influences and philosophical principles (pp.2-26) covers the ancient Greeks, Judaeo-Christian influences, principles of proof and the distnction between reason and faith.

Topic 2 – ‘Arguments for the existence of God’ (pp.29-66) discusses the cosmological, teleological, ontological, experiential and moral arguments for God’s existence.

Topic 3 – ‘God and human experience’ (pp.68-88) deals with the problem of evil, miracles and religious/mystical experience.

Topic 4 – ‘God and the world’ (pp.91-104) covers religion and science, atheism/agnosticism and the psychological/sociological approaches to religion.

Topic 5 – ‘Human destiny’ (pp.106-112) is about the philosophical issues surrounding the body/mind/soul distinctions, theories of reincarnation and resurrection.

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