What More Philosophers Think.

Title: What More Philosophers Think.
Author/s: Baggini, J. Stangroom, J.
Material type: Book.
Publisher/date: Continuum (2007).
Format: Paper back (208 pages).
ISBN: 0826493009.
Area and topic: Key/important philosophical issues/topics/problems.
Intended audience/ reading level: General/accessible to medium.
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Unique and/or salient feature/s: The second book in two volumes, ‘What More Philosophers Think’ is a collection of interviews (revised and expanded from ‘The Philosopher’s Magazine’) with some of the world’s leading philosophers and scholars. The interviews explore various philosophical issues and other issues from a philosophical perspective.
Synopsis and/or additional information: The following information is sourced from the above links (see ‘Purchasing and information’) and the text.

  • Chapters include ‘On multiculturalism; Slavoj Zizek, Anthony Grayling – On philosophy and public understanding; Mary Warnock – On making babies; Philippa Foot – On goodness; The Soho Symposium – On love; Bernard Williams – On truth and truthfulness. Other topics discussed include : terrorism, multiculturalism, artificial intelligence
  • Through such issues and areas, the reader is also introduced to various wider issues, key topics and subject matter central to the enterprise of philosophy both past and present.
Strengths and Limitations: For strengths and limitations, see the first volume of the series, ‘What Philosophers Think’ also reviewed on this site.

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