The Power of Myth

Title: The Power of Myth

Author: Campbell, Joseph

Publisher: Anchor Books

Location: New York

ISBN: 0-385-41886-8

Joseph Campbell is often regarded as one of the preeminent scholars of world mythology. George Lucas credited him with influencing Star Wars. The Power of Myth is in the form of a dialogue between Campbell and Bill Moyers which was originally filmed for a TV series. Campbell speaks about myth as an expression of universal human principles and the quest for the unknowable and mysterious truth of existence. He defines several core motifs that reoccur in each time and place, such as the journey of the hero expressed through Star Wars. Campbell argues that mythology needs to evolve to suit modern advances in human knowledge, and that a shared global philosophy is now needed which combines science and spirituality. One of his important messages for philosophers is that myths are symbolic of deeper truths and principles, and that even modern secular societies are pervaded by myth.

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