The Corporation

Title: The Corporation

Director: Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott

Distributor: Big Picture Media Corporation

This documentary is about one of the most influential institutions of today – the corporation. It looks at how corporations are treated as legal persons, what responsibilities they should have and whether there is a conflict between corporate and human rights. The film makes reference to the American legal system rather than our own but many of the same issues apply. See the attached file for clips that might be useful in the classroom.
Clip 1: [Chapter 3: A Legal “Person”] 5 minutes

This clip looks at the idea of corporations as “legal persons”. It discusses what rights and responsibilities are attached to this.

Clip 2: [Chapter 8: Mindset] 6 minutes

This chapter is about how the people who run corporations think, what their incentives are and whether they can be changed for the better.

Clip 3: [Chapter 11: Basic Issues] 10 minutes

This clip is mainly about the ethics of advertising directly to children, particularly the psychological manipulation techniques employed by many companies in doing so.

Clip 4: [Chapter 21: Democracy Ltd.] 8 minutes

This clip examines the corporation as a political player. To what extent is corporate power now supplanting government power, and what does this mean for democracy. It also looks at the idea of corporate social responsibility.

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