Ethical Dilemmas


Routledge ,2nd Edition 2007, London and New York.

A book of philosophical dilemmas divided into 2 parts. The first being a short description (on average one page) of the dilemma, with one question at the end. The second part being further discussion on each dilemma, intended not as an answer but to either assist discussion or to be read after debating a dilemma.

Not to be used all at once, but to dip into for examples for discussion or food for thought, one or just a few at a time.

The dilemmas are divided into 24 sections, covering:

Life boat dilemmas, trolley dilemmas, business ethics, cruelty, ancient dilemmas, anti-social dilemmas, medical ethics, censorship, divine justice, the good life, prisoners, animal ethics, cultural relativity, war ethics, and legal dilemmas.

Easy to understand explanations of concepts, limited jargon. Good background information using quotes and information from historical figures. Plenty of linking to current and possible near-future scenarios.

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