Category: Year 09

I Met the Walrus

In 1969, a 14 year old Beatle fanatic named Jerry Levitan snuck into John Lennons hotel room in Toronto and convinced him to do an interview. 38 years later an animated short film was made called I Met the Walrus using the original interview recording as the soundtrack. During the interview Lennon makes some interesting […]

Questions about the Nature of Existence

Director Roger Nygard traveled the world asking theologians, scientists, skeptics and everyday people 85 tough philosophical questions and showed the results in a new film called The Nature of Existence. The movie website has all the questions. You can see what other people have answered and come up with your own views.

The Butterfly Dream of Zhuangzi

A puzzle from the writings of ancient Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi: One day about sunset, Zhuangzi dozed off and dreamed that he turned into a butterfly. He flapped his wings and sure enough he was a butterfly. What a joyful feeling as he fluttered about, he completely forgot that he was Zhuangzi. Soon though, he realized […]

Oneness of the Eastern Heart and the Western Mind

Title: The Oneness of the Eastern Heart and the Western Mind (Part 1, 2 and 3) Author: Sri Chinmoy Publisher: Agni Press Internet location (free pdf): ASIN: B000MJPI2E This is a compilation of transcripts from the Sri Chinmoy international lecture series at various universities. The lectures cover a wide variety of philosophical […]

Immigration by Christopher Wellman

This article discusses, in detail, the various issues that pertain to immigration. The article is broad in scope, and is, for this reason, quite long. It does, however, contain some accessible passages. Teachers might pull certain passages out of the article, and present them to students. Alternatively, they might use the ideas presented in the […]

In Praise of Migration by Kofi Annan

This short article, by Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations, presents some of the issues pertaining to immigration. Annan offers an eloquent defense of migration, and details some of the problems that migration engenders. This excellent article might be given to students as an introduction to the subject.

Is Immigration a Human Right by Philip Spiegel

This article reports on Kieran Oberman, a post-doctoral scholar looking at some of the issues surrounding immigration. Oberman argues that immigration should be a right, and that it is a necessary component of freedom of movement, which, like other freedoms, is exceedingly important. He suggests that certain limits on immigration can be justified, and concedes […]

The Corporation

Title: The Corporation Director: Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott Distributor: Big Picture Media Corporation This documentary is about one of the most influential institutions of today – the corporation. It looks at how corporations are treated as legal persons, what responsibilities they should have and whether there is a conflict between corporate and human rights. […]

Political Realism by Alexander Moseley

This article discusses political realism, the view that states do, or should strive to, maximise their own power. Teachers might present students with passages or ideas from this article. (The article itself is probably too long for most students, although year twelve and thirteen students might find that they can engage with it in its […]

War by Brian Orend

This articles details the philosophical issues surrounding war. The article is rather long, and many passages would be too intensive for high school students. Nonetheless, it does contain some very accessible passages and discussions. The introduction offers a plausible definition of war, and outlines the philosophical questions surrounding the notion of war. Teachers might present […]