Category: Rights

Routledge A Level Philosophy

This very useful and secondary school student appropriate website, is targeted at students in Year 12 and 13. It covers a range of topics including reason and experience, why should I be governed? Why should I be moral? The idea of God, persons, knowledge of the external world, tolerance, the value of art, God and […]

What are Human Rights

Philosophy Resource Managing | Home Title: What Are Human Rights? Location: This short article gives a clear explanation of what human rights are, where they come from, and the role that they play in contemporary society. It is especially valuable in that it discusses how human rights are promoted and protected in New Zealand.

Obama on Freedoms

Title: Obama on Freedoms Location: This short clip reports on a meeting held by US President Barack Obama in China. Obama talks about the importance of freedoms. He specifically mentions the freedom to use Facebook and Twitter. The clip is especially valuable in that it helps to highlight how political philosophical discussions bear on […]

The Ethics of DIY Enhancement

Is it morally acceptable to attempt to enhance yourself by self-experimentation? Anders Sandberg discusses the ethics surrounding Lepht Anonym, a DIY biohacker who modifies her own body in an attempt to augment it. The article is accompanied by a link to a lecture by Lepht Anonym explaining what she does.

Is Immigration a Human Right by Philip Spiegel

This article reports on Kieran Oberman, a post-doctoral scholar looking at some of the issues surrounding immigration. Oberman argues that immigration should be a right, and that it is a necessary component of freedom of movement, which, like other freedoms, is exceedingly important. He suggests that certain limits on immigration can be justified, and concedes […]

The Corporation

Title: The Corporation Director: Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott Distributor: Big Picture Media Corporation This documentary is about one of the most influential institutions of today – the corporation. It looks at how corporations are treated as legal persons, what responsibilities they should have and whether there is a conflict between corporate and human rights. […]

Hellish Work

This short clip presents the outrageous treatment of migrant workers in Kazakhstan. It deals with issues such as human rights, child labour, exploitation, and corporate responsibility. It effectively demonstrates how globally interconnected we all are, and the ways in which NGOs and corporations can encourage positive change.

Invest in Women

This short clip outlines the ways in which giving rights and opportunities to individuals can improve their lives, their society, and our world. Teachers might use this beautiful clip to get students thinking about rights, responsibility, and feminist conceptions of justice.

Rights of the Child by Anup Shah

This accessible article gives an overview of the issues surrounding children’s rights, especially those that relate to global justice. It gives special attention to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, but also mentions Amnesty International. It also links to other articles. Teachers might present this article to students in an effort […]