Category: Philosophical Topic

The Five Freedoms

Title: The Five Freedoms Location: Should animals be given freedoms? This article presents five freedoms that are important for animals. Teachers might use the list to get students thinking about whether or not animals should be entitled to freedoms, and what might be done to protect them.

Obama on Freedoms

Title: Obama on Freedoms Location: This short clip reports on a meeting held by US President Barack Obama in China. Obama talks about the importance of freedoms. He specifically mentions the freedom to use Facebook and Twitter. The clip is especially valuable in that it helps to highlight how political philosophical discussions bear on […]

Free Speech for Hamsters

This clip presents, in an accessible and humorous way, some of the issues surrounding free speech. It could be used to introduce a lesson or lessons on free speech. Teachers might use it in different ways, depending on the ages of the students.

Philosophy Pages

A very useful website for students and teachers. The site includes a dictionary of philosophical terms and names, a survey of the history of western philosophy, a timeline and detailed discussion of major philosophers. This website is user friendly and appropriate for senior students and teachers.

Free Speech by Nigel Warburton

Title: Free Speech: A Very Short Introduction Author: Nigel Warburton Publisher: Oxford University Press ISBN: 978-0-19-923235-2 This short book is an accessible resource for teachers. The book itself is probably, as a whole, too complex for most high school students. Teachers might use it primarily to familiarise themselves with the debates surrounding free speech. There […]

Journalism Ethics and Standards

This wiki site is a nice introduction to what Journalism standards are and the common elements of ethical issues in Journalism, notably: harm principle. It gives examples of ethical issues for instance can a journalist reveal a source of information after guaranteeing confidentiality if the source proves to be unreliable? The main concern with this […]