Category: Animal Ethics

Animal Rights Activists by Gary McLendon

This accessible article contains arguments for and against using animals in entertainment. The article presents the claim, made by animal rights activists, that circus animals perform because they are ‘afraid’ and ‘tortured’. It notes the counter-suggestion, by a circus animal handler and presenter, that circus animals are only ‘showcas[ing] their natural behaviours,’ and that animals […]

Animal Rights by David DeGrazia

Title: Animal Rights: A Very Short Introduction Author: David DeGrazia Publisher: Oxford University Press ISBN: 987-0-19-285360-8 This short book is an accessible resource for teachers. The book itself is probably, as a whole, too complex for most high school students. Teachers might use it primarily to familiarise themselves with the debates concerning animal rights. There […]

All Animals are Equal by Jean Kazez

A human and a dog are lying in pain outside a burning building. Who should the ambulance officers see to first? This book review – of Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation – presents arguments for and against viewing animals (humans included) as equal. The title of the piece is taken from the first chapter of Singer’s […]