Category: Political Philosophy

The Disregarded Disaster

This short clip looks at the poverty that natural disasters can cause in developing nations. The clip touches on issues relating to responsibility and the media. Teachers might use it to introduce the topic of global justice.

Uncultured Project

This short clip introduces the Uncultured Project, a project geared towards combating poverty. The clip touches on issues relating to community, responsibility, and the media. Importantly, it highlights the poverty that exists in the worlds developing countries. Teachers might use it to introduce the topic of global justice.

World Government by Catherine Lu

The introduction to this article provides an entry-point into the debates surrounding world government. It discusses the appeal of world government, and objections to it. The introduction also touches on alternatives to world government. While the article itself is challenging, teachers might find it useful as a source of ideas and arguments. The article has […]

Exploring Maori Values

Title: Exploring Maori Values Author: John Patterson Publisher: The Dunmore Press Limited ISBN: 0864691564 A good introduction to Maori philosophy, based mainly on the proverbs and narratives collated from Maori oral tradition and the academic literature surrounding it. The author is a senior lecturer in philosophy. Accessible, well-rounded and balanced. Intended for adults but may […]

Political Philosophy by David Miller

Title: Political Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction Author: David Miller Publisher: Oxford University Press ISBN: 0-19-280395-6 This short book is an accessible resource for teachers. The book itself is probably, as a whole, too complex for most high school students. Teachers might use it primarily to familiarise themselves with the debates in political philosophy. There […]

Shechita Reversal by Paul Harper

This article details recent changes in New Zealand’s animal treatment laws – and the government’s decision to turn over the ban on the kosher killing of chickens, which animal rights groups say is inhumane. This article examines arguments for and against allowing the practice known as ‘shechita’. Robyn Kippenberger of the SPCA says that ‘[p]ressure […]