Category: Political Philosophy

The Corporation

Title: The Corporation Director: Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott Distributor: Big Picture Media Corporation This documentary is about one of the most influential institutions of today – the corporation. It looks at how corporations are treated as legal persons, what responsibilities they should have and whether there is a conflict between corporate and human rights. […]

Political Realism by Alexander Moseley

This article discusses political realism, the view that states do, or should strive to, maximise their own power. Teachers might present students with passages or ideas from this article. (The article itself is probably too long for most students, although year twelve and thirteen students might find that they can engage with it in its […]

War by Brian Orend

This articles details the philosophical issues surrounding war. The article is rather long, and many passages would be too intensive for high school students. Nonetheless, it does contain some very accessible passages and discussions. The introduction offers a plausible definition of war, and outlines the philosophical questions surrounding the notion of war. Teachers might present […]

Pacifism by Andrew Fiala

This article explores pacifism. It offers a nice introduction, which explains pacifism and looks at its history. The article itself is long and, in places, quite technical. The section on consequentialist pacifism is, however, rich in accessible ideas. This section does contain a lot of big words, but teachers might present passages from it to […]

Obama and Just War

This short clip covers Barack Obamas Nobel peace prize acceptance speech, in which he describes his role as Commander in Chief of a military that, at the time, was engaged in two wars. He defends war as necessary to secure peace, and outlines approaches to ensuring that war can be harnessed for purposes of peace.

Famine Affluence and Morality by Peter Singer

In this well-known article, Peter Singer argues that morality demands that we help the poor in other countries (and our own) if we can do so. The article itself would be too challenging for younger students, but older students might find it interesting, and not inaccessible. Teachers might use Singer’s article for its ideas, in […]

Pacifism by Alexander Moseley

This article gives a detailed treatment of pacifism. While the article itself is rather long, it does contain passages that teachers might give to students in an effort to get them thinking about pacifism. The section entitled ‘The Ethics of Pacifism’ is especially philosophical, with an exploration of absolute pacifism and conditional pacifism. Teachers might […]

Just War Theory by Alexander Moseley

This article gives a detailed account of just war theory. While the article itself is rather long, it contains passages that teachers might give to students in an effort to get them thinking about whether or not war is ever justified. As well as an introduction, the article contains sections concerning justice going into war, […]