Category: Philosophy of Art

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Art

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Art Richard Eldridge A nice overview of how philosophy relates to art for someone teaching the philosophy of art. It covers a large amount of various philosophies about art from Plato to contemporary philosophy of art. The majority of the material is linguistically and conceptually too complex from high […]

The Art of Videogames by Grant Tavinor

This book explores the possibility of treating video games as artworks, an idea which would probably successfully hold a secondary school students interest. Video game examples are used and are put through arguments common to the philosophy of art such as the paradox of fiction and issues with morality.

The Philosophers Zone Darwinian Aesthetics

Denis Dutton discusses his Darwinian theory of the origin of the arts. The first ten minutes is a general discussion about the relevance of Darwinian theory on our day to day life. After that, Dutton details an account of why the creation of art could be an evolutionary adaptation. Topics discussed: Art as a fitness […]

‘The Art Question’ by Nigel Warburton

The Art Question is one of the most accessible books I have found that explicitly states the various definitions of art in language that would be easily understood by most students. Other books covering the same material usually presuppose previous philosophical and art-historical knowledge which The Art Question does not do. Also of note, it […]

Philosophy Talks – What is Art?

What is art? Anything someone wants to call art? Or are there some objective criteria, that not every instance of paint smeared on canvas and not every murder mystery meets? What are the main philosophies of art? Are any of them plausible? John and Ken talk about the nature of art with Alexander Nehamas from […]