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The Woven Universe

Title: The Woven Universe Author: Marsden, Rev. Maori Publisher: The Estate of Rev. Maori Marsden ISBN: 047307916X The author of this text on Maori philosophy was both an Anglican minister and graduate of the whare wananga (Maori tribal esoteric school). Intended for an adult audience but some sections may be suitable for senior secondary students. […]

Wheke the celebration of infinite wisdom

Title: Wheke: A celebration of infinite wisdom Author: Turuki Pere Rangimarie Publisher: n/a ISBN: 0959799400 The layout of this text resembles a childrens picture book but is probably best suited to high school students. Each page has a word such as mauri, mana, whenua etc. followed by an illustration and a page long description of […]

What does not kill us makes us stronger

Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness, Nietzsche on Hardship (Part 6) Overcoming hardship is the true secret to satisfaction, according to Nietzsche. Alain De Botton interviews some ordinary folk to find out if this is true.

Looking at Philosophy: The Unbearable Heaviness of Philosophy Made Lighter by Donald Palmer

“Looking at Philosophy” provides an entertaining account of the history of western philosophy, which appears to be written for either older school age students or undergraduate university students. It individually goes over, in chronological order, a huge range of philosophers from the pre-Socratic to post-modern periods. Because of the amount of philosophy the book attempts […]