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Questions about the Nature of Existence

Director Roger Nygard traveled the world asking theologians, scientists, skeptics and everyday people 85 tough philosophical questions and showed the results in a new film called The Nature of Existence. The movie website has all the questions. You can see what other people have answered and come up with your own views.

Oneness of the Eastern Heart and the Western Mind

Title: The Oneness of the Eastern Heart and the Western Mind (Part 1, 2 and 3) Author: Sri Chinmoy Publisher: Agni Press Internet location (free pdf): ASIN: B000MJPI2E This is a compilation of transcripts from the Sri Chinmoy international lecture series at various universities. The lectures cover a wide variety of philosophical […]

Taking the Red Pill

Title: Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy and Religion in the Matrix Author: Yeffeth, Glenn and David Gerrold Publisher: BenBella Books ISBN: 1932100024 In this book, a range of philosophers talk about the deeper meaning of the Matrix. This is probably best for students aged 17-18, and for teachers to use in preparing activities based […]

Popular Culture and Philosophy series

The purpose of this series by Open Court is to bring high-quality philosophy to general readers. The volumes present essays by academic philosophers exploring the meanings, concepts, and puzzles within television shows, movies, music and other icons of popular culture. The attached link lists the available titles from 1-55 (with more pending). The following subjects […]

Teach Yourself Eastern Philosophy

Title: Teach Yourself Eastern Philosophy Author: Thompson, Mel Publisher: Bookpoint Ltd ISBN: 184046786X This book is written in a similar format to a senior secondary school textbook with plenty of headings, bullet points and comments to facilitate discussion. The fairly simple language and the varied layout help make it a generally accessible text. The following […]

Introducing Eastern Philosophy

Title: Introducing Eastern Philosophy Author: Osborne, Richard and Borin Van Loon Publisher: Icon Books Ltd ISBN: 184046786X An easy to read guide which introduces some very basic concepts to do with the major schools of Eastern philosophy. It is mainly written in a cartoon, dialogue format with plenty of interesting illustrations and diagrams. Suitable for […]

Zen Questions

Title: Zen Questions Author: Allen, Robert Publisher: MQ Publications Limited ISBN: 0740723804 An illustrated introduction to different insights of Zen philosophy. Simple yet thought-provoking.

A Very Short Introduction to Indian Philosophy

Title: Indian Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction Author: Hamilton, Sue Publisher: Oxford University Press ISBN: 0192853740 This book briefly summarises the teachings of some major Indian philosophers like the Buddha and Shankara. It also introduces the Vedas (ancient Indian scriptures) and their historical context. Good for teachers, and students with an advanced reading level.

Buddhism for dummies

Title: Buddhism for Dummies Author: Landaw, Jonathan and Stephen Bodian Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc. ISBN: 0764553593 Not just for dummies, this is an easy to follow but comprehensive guidebook to Buddhism, complete with numerous illustrations and diagrams. Chapters 4 and 5 are the most useful for getting to grips with the range of different Buddhist […]

Key concepts in Maori culture

Title: Tikanga Whakaaro: Key Concepts in Maori Culture Author: Barlow, Cleve Publisher: Oxford University Press ISBN: 0195582128 Each section of this book introduces a Maori concept (e.g. ihi, kawanatanga, mana, wananga) followed by explanatory text of 1-2 pages. It provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to many of the concepts involved in Maori philosophy. The […]