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Islamic Philosophy

Title: Islamic Philosophy Author: Sheik, M. Saeed Publisher: Octagon Press Location: London Date: 1982 ISBN: 0900860502 This book summarizes the four main schools of medieval Islamic philosophy along with those Islamic thinkers who were influenced by Greek philosophy. It is a lucid and comprehensive text but would be better suited to older students or those […]

The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam

Title: The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam Author : Mizra Ghulam Ahmad Publisher: Islam International Publications Ltd. ISBN: 185372193X This book provides an Islamic answer to five philosophical questions. 1. What are the physical, moral and spiritual states of man. 2. What is the state of man after death. 3. What is the object […]

The Dhammapada

Title: The Dhammapada: The Sayings of the Buddha Translator: Thomas Byrom Publisher: Harmony/Bell Tower ISBN: 0609608886 The Dhammapada is a central text of Buddhist philosophy consisting mainly of the Buddhas pithy aphorisms. The language is simple but there is plenty here to inspire discussion at high school level or beyond.

Philosophy and Ethics.

A Resource for Units 1A and 1B by Stephan Millett and Alan Tapper. Impact Publishing, Western Australia 2008 This Australian textbook covers two semesters. Textbook and a workbook, fill in answers. Clearly set out with good mixing of reading, writing, discussing, thinking. Goes rapidly into concepts, sometimes without enough explanation. Activities throughout book, mix of: […]

Unesco Bioethics Neuroscience memory

UNESCO Bioethics. Neuroscience – learning to remember. Chapter F2, Learning to remember: the biological basis of memory. Quite a lot of advanced biological explanantions, but could be simplified, followed by excellent thought provoking questions in each section. Covers: biological basis of memory formation, memories and emotions, Alzheimers disease and screening tests, possibility of future memory […]

Unesco Bioethics Neuroscience addictions

Philosophy Resource Managing | Home UNESCO Bioethics, neuroscience. The neuroscience of Pleasure, Reward and Addiction. Thorough explanation of both biological and lifestyle causes of addiction. Each section followed by excellent ethical questions. Also covers biological versus moral behaviours in drug addictions, good and bad drugs, impact of stress and lifestyle in diseases. From book, A […]

UNESCO Bioethics. Ethics and nanotechnology.

First two thirds is explanations about what nanotechnology is, with some reference to future applications. Last third has a few ethical points over funding and the role of science in developing such new technologies, plus a list of some of the potential costs and benefits. A. Bioethics and the Ethics of Science and Technology

UNESCO Bioethics Introduction

UNESCO Bioethics Introduction One page explanantion of each topic, which is easy to understand with no jargon. Each section is followed by a few excellent and very thought provoking questions. 1.BIOETHICS. Explains that bioethics does not have one right answer, but depends on balancing different benefits, risks and duties. 2. AUTONOMY. Good explanation of this […]

UNESCO Bioethics. Ethics in History and love of life

UNESCO BIOETHICS: Ethics in History and Love of Life. 1. One page explanation of what ethics is. 2. Three pages on theories of ethics. Explained under motives, action and consequences. Good explanation of Utilitarianism and Kantiansim, also mentions Confusious and Buddha. 3. One page on global versus local ethics, including environmental ethics and small bit […]