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Islamic Philosophy

Title: Islamic Philosophy Author: Sheik, M. Saeed Publisher: Octagon Press Location: London Date: 1982 ISBN: 0900860502 This book summarizes the four main schools of medieval Islamic philosophy along with those Islamic thinkers who were influenced by Greek philosophy. It is a lucid and comprehensive text but would be better suited to older students or those […]

The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam

Title: The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam Author : Mizra Ghulam Ahmad Publisher: Islam International Publications Ltd. ISBN: 185372193X This book provides an Islamic answer to five philosophical questions. 1. What are the physical, moral and spiritual states of man. 2. What is the state of man after death. 3. What is the object […]

The Upanisads

Title: The Upanisads Translator: Valerie J. Roebuck Publisher: Penguin Books ISBN: 0140447490 The Upanishads are the philosophical essence of the Vedas which underly all of Hindu philosophy. There are over 200 Upanishads each of which constitutes a separate discourse or teaching. This Penguin Classics translation is of the 13 principal Upanishads. There are many technical […]

The Dhammapada

Title: The Dhammapada: The Sayings of the Buddha Translator: Thomas Byrom Publisher: Harmony/Bell Tower ISBN: 0609608886 The Dhammapada is a central text of Buddhist philosophy consisting mainly of the Buddhas pithy aphorisms. The language is simple but there is plenty here to inspire discussion at high school level or beyond.

Philosophy and Ethics.

A Resource for Units 1A and 1B by Stephan Millett and Alan Tapper. Impact Publishing, Western Australia 2008 This Australian textbook covers two semesters. Textbook and a workbook, fill in answers. Clearly set out with good mixing of reading, writing, discussing, thinking. Goes rapidly into concepts, sometimes without enough explanation. Activities throughout book, mix of: […]

The Butterfly Dream of Zhuangzi

A puzzle from the writings of ancient Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi: One day about sunset, Zhuangzi dozed off and dreamed that he turned into a butterfly. He flapped his wings and sure enough he was a butterfly. What a joyful feeling as he fluttered about, he completely forgot that he was Zhuangzi. Soon though, he realized […]

Philosophy Online – Resources

A set of philosophy resources, mainly in epistemology, philosophy of religion and philosophy of mind. Contains tutorials with some exercises and a good introduction to the types of questions asked.