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Every Human Has Rights

This short clip introduces the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Teachers might use it to get students thinking about responsibility, the nature of our obligations to people in other countries, the importance of rights to human well being, whether or not some rights are more important than others, and the origins of rights.

If everyone is God then be careful whom you insult

This 3 min clip from an old Indian movie illustrates an important point about practising what you preach. Shankara is famous for promoting the Advaita Vedanta theory which says that everything is one. In this scene Shankara forgets his own philosophy as he tries to enforce caste segregation laws against a so called untouchable. It […]

Timeless Quotes from The Buddha

A 3.5 minute video containing philosophical aphorisms attributed to the Buddha. Provides a good basis for reflecting on virtues like compassion and the way your own mental states can affect your life experience.

The Disregarded Disaster

This short clip looks at the poverty that natural disasters can cause in developing nations. The clip touches on issues relating to responsibility and the media. Teachers might use it to introduce the topic of global justice.

Uncultured Project

This short clip introduces the Uncultured Project, a project geared towards combating poverty. The clip touches on issues relating to community, responsibility, and the media. Importantly, it highlights the poverty that exists in the worlds developing countries. Teachers might use it to introduce the topic of global justice.

The Meatrix

‘The Meatrix is all around you. It is the story we tell ourselves about where meat and animal products come from.’ These audio visual clips provide an accessible entry-point into discussions relating to animal ethics. By exposing some of the practices of those corporations that deal in animal products, the clips force those watching them […]

The Future in Your Hands

This short documentary introduces a range of issues relating to animal welfare. Unlike most of the audio visual material that exists relating to animal ethics, this clip does not contain very many unsettling images…

What does not kill us makes us stronger

Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness, Nietzsche on Hardship (Part 6) Overcoming hardship is the true secret to satisfaction, according to Nietzsche. Alain De Botton interviews some ordinary folk to find out if this is true.

Standing up for what you believe in

Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness, Socrates on Self-Confidence (Part 1) Alain de Botton tries out the Socrates approach to philosophy on unsuspecting Athenian pedestrians, and wonders why more people are not willing to stand up for what they believe in.