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Philosophy and Ethics.

A Resource for Units 1A and 1B by Stephan Millett and Alan Tapper. Impact Publishing, Western Australia 2008 This Australian textbook covers two semesters. Textbook and a workbook, fill in answers. Clearly set out with good mixing of reading, writing, discussing, thinking. Goes rapidly into concepts, sometimes without enough explanation. Activities throughout book, mix of: […]

The Philosophy of Art

The Philosophy of Art Stephen Davies Intended as an undergraduate textbook, The Philosophy of Art provides a great overview of contemporary philosophy of art. It would probably be too difficult for students to read but very useful as a reference book for teachers. It covers the interpretation of art, the relation between art, culture and […]

Classic Asian Philosophy the Essential Texts

Title: Classic Asian Philosophy: A Guide to the Essential Texts Author: Kupperman, Joel J. Publisher: Oxford University Press ISBN: 0195189817 This text is not intended specifically for secondary school students, but it caters to a general readership that may be unfamiliar with academic philosophy. As a result, it is refreshingly free of jargon though it […]

Teach Yourself Eastern Philosophy

Title: Teach Yourself Eastern Philosophy Author: Thompson, Mel Publisher: Bookpoint Ltd ISBN: 184046786X This book is written in a similar format to a senior secondary school textbook with plenty of headings, bullet points and comments to facilitate discussion. The fairly simple language and the varied layout help make it a generally accessible text. The following […]

A Very Short Introduction to Indian Philosophy

Title: Indian Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction Author: Hamilton, Sue Publisher: Oxford University Press ISBN: 0192853740 This book briefly summarises the teachings of some major Indian philosophers like the Buddha and Shankara. It also introduces the Vedas (ancient Indian scriptures) and their historical context. Good for teachers, and students with an advanced reading level.

Buddhism for dummies

Title: Buddhism for Dummies Author: Landaw, Jonathan and Stephen Bodian Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc. ISBN: 0764553593 Not just for dummies, this is an easy to follow but comprehensive guidebook to Buddhism, complete with numerous illustrations and diagrams. Chapters 4 and 5 are the most useful for getting to grips with the range of different Buddhist […]

Key concepts in Maori culture

Title: Tikanga Whakaaro: Key Concepts in Maori Culture Author: Barlow, Cleve Publisher: Oxford University Press ISBN: 0195582128 Each section of this book introduces a Maori concept (e.g. ihi, kawanatanga, mana, wananga) followed by explanatory text of 1-2 pages. It provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to many of the concepts involved in Maori philosophy. The […]

Living by Maori Values

Title: Tikanga Maori: Living by Maori Values Author: Mead, Hirini Moko Publisher: Huia Publishers ISBN: 1877283886 The first two chapters of this book may be helpful for teaching Maori philosophy. Chapter 1 (The Nature of Tikanga Maori) is a good introduction to the concepts underlying Maori tikanga (values and beliefs). Chapter 2 (Underlying Principles and […]

Religion for Dummies

Title: Religion for Dummies Author: Gellman, Marc and Thomas Hartman Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc ISBN: 0764552643 This is an easy to read book with helpful diagrams and illustrations. The following chapters in this book are the most useful for philosophy students: Ch. 2 ‘Four Big Mysteries and a Couple of Recent Conundrums’ – Mysteries of […]

A Very Short Introduction to the Buddha

Title: Buddha: A Very Short Introduction Author: Carrithers, Michael Publisher: Oxford University Press ISBN: 0192854534 A concise but detailed biography of the life of the Buddha with a basic guide to his teachings and philosophy. Suitable for advanced readers, and could also help teachers with preparation of material.