Category: Book and author series (topics/issues/history of philosophy)

The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series.

Title: The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture (series). Editor/s: William, Irwin J. and Wisnewski, Jeremy. Material type: Book. Publisher/date: Blackwell. Format: Paper back. (Between 220 -350 pages). Area and topic: Popular philosophy. Key/important philosophical issues/topics/problems Intended audience/ reading level: General reader/accessible. Purchasing and information: 1) 2),  3) Unique and/or salient feature/s: ‘The […]

Arguing about Philosophy (series).

Title: Arguing about Philosophy (series). Editor/s: Nothing found on series editor. Material type: Book. Publisher/date: Routledge. Format: Volumes may be as large as 600 pages in length. Area and topic: Key/important philosophical issues/topics/problems. Intended audience/ reading level: Tertiary/lower. Purchasing and information: 1) 2), 3) Unique and/or salient feature/s: ‘Arguing about Philosophy’ is […]

Introducing Plato

Introducing Plato is part of a series which includes books on all sorts of philosophical and other topics. The whole series is graphic non-fiction, so it is meant to resemble a comic strip. It is one of those books that presents some ideas very simply so young readers could understand them, but other ideas are […]

Journalism Ethics Case Studies

Journalism goes to the movies is a useful book containing ethical case studies illustrated by popular films. The book raises a variety of ethical issues faced by journalists, including privacy, conflict of of interest, reporter and source relationships, and the role of journalists in their communities. In the word document attached, are the two cases […]

The history of Greek philosophy

Title: The history of Greek philosophy: Volume 1 – The Pre-Socratics Volume 2 – Socrates and Beyond Author: Crescenzo, Luciano de Translator: Bardoni, Auril Publisher: Pgw Date: 1992 ISBN: 0920668887 This innocuously titled book series is actually a very humorous introduction to Greek philosophy by Italian author Luciano de Crescenzo. It combines personal anecdotes and […]