Category: Children

Just War Theory by Alexander Moseley

This article gives a detailed account of just war theory. While the article itself is rather long, it contains passages that teachers might give to students in an effort to get them thinking about whether or not war is ever justified. As well as an introduction, the article contains sections concerning justice going into war, […]

Hellish Work

This short clip presents the outrageous treatment of migrant workers in Kazakhstan. It deals with issues such as human rights, child labour, exploitation, and corporate responsibility. It effectively demonstrates how globally interconnected we all are, and the ways in which NGOs and corporations can encourage positive change.

Cosmopolitanism by Kleingeld and Brown

This article discusses cosmopolitanism, a prominent topic within global justice, in contemporary political philosophy. The introduction to the article is especially accessible, and teachers might present this to students. The article as a whole is rather complex. Teachers might use it for its ideas, to generate their own course materials. The section entitled ‘Taxonomy of […]

Invest in Women

This short clip outlines the ways in which giving rights and opportunities to individuals can improve their lives, their society, and our world. Teachers might use this beautiful clip to get students thinking about rights, responsibility, and feminist conceptions of justice.

Rights of the Child by Anup Shah

This accessible article gives an overview of the issues surrounding children’s rights, especially those that relate to global justice. It gives special attention to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, but also mentions Amnesty International. It also links to other articles. Teachers might present this article to students in an effort […]

Womens Rights by Anup Shah

This article gives an overview of the issues surrounding womens rights. It is fairly accessible, with links to other articles, and to audio visual clips. Teachers might present students with certain sections from the article, and use these to generate discussion, or they might use the article for its ideas, generating their own course materials […]

UN Millenium Development Goals

This short clip details the United Nations Millennium Development Goals for 2015. Teachers might use it to get students thinking about the imperatives that global poverty generates, the nature of our obligations to people in other countries, and responsibility.