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An introduction to Greek philosophy

Title: An introduction to Greek philosophy Author: Luce, J.V. Publisher: Thames and Hudson Date: 1992 Introduces the main personalities and schools of Greek philosophy. The language is lucid and clear but an advanced vocabulary is required. A prior background in classics or philosophy would be beneficial. Classics students will be exposed to the deeper philosophical […]


Title: Socrates Author: Hunter, Gwen Publisher: Addison Wesley Longman Date: 1998 ISBN: 0582718996 This high school textbook examines the Socratic method of seeking wisdom against the background of pre-Socratic philosophy, the historical and political context of Socrates’ trial and his death sentence, and Plato’s four dialogues on the death of Socrates, the Euthyphro, Apology, Crito […]

Philosophy for Teens

Title: Philosophy for Teens: Ideas and Ideals Editors: Grispino, Joseph A. Publisher: Third Millennium Publishing Date: 2005 ISBN: 1-932657-38-X NOTES: Philosophy for Teens was written for American high school students. It can be used either directly by students or as a guide for teachers. Although some of the references are uniquely American (e.g. republican/democrat, civics […]

The Underlying Religion

Title: The Underlying Religion: An introduction to the Perennial Philosophy Editors: Lings, Martin and Clinton Minnaar Publisher: World Wisdom, Inc. Date: 2007 ISBN: 978-1-933316-43-7 The Underlying Religion is a work which will be useful to students of comparative philosophy of religion. The introduction states that “the essays compiled in this anthology are intended to provide […]

The God of Philosophy

Title: The God of Philosophy: an introduction to the philosophy of religion Editors: Jackson, Roy Publisher: TPM Date: 2001 ISBN: 0-9537611-1-8 The author states in the introduction to this philosophy of religion textbook that his target audience is those who are interested in the subject  whether they are studying in a formal way, or just […]

The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Religion

Title: The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Religion Editors: Meister, Chad and Paul Copan Publisher: Routledge Date: 2007 ISBN: 0-415-38038-3 The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Religion is an extensive collection of 64 readings from a wide variety of authors. These readings are grouped under headings including philosophical issues in the major world religions, key […]

Philosophy of Religion A-Z

Title: Philosophy of Religion A-Z Author: Quinn, Patrick Publisher: Edinburgh University Press Ltd. Date: 2005 ISBN: 0-74860-2211-0 Philosophy of Religion A-Z is a philosophical dictionary with similarities to a concise encyclopedia. It gives short clear answers with enough depth to be useful but not so much as to be overly complex for the younger student.

Ten Essential Texts in the Philosophy of Religion

Title: Ten Essential Texts in the Philosophy of Religion: Classics and Contemporary Issues Author: Cahn, Steven Publisher: Oxford University Press Date: 2005 ISBN: 0195171004 This volume presents 10 classical texts of religious philosophy which the authors regard as essential to an introductory course. These include writings by Plato, Anselm, Aquinas, David Humes and William James. […]

Thinking about God

Title: Thinking about God: first steps in philosophy Author: Ganssle, Gregory E. Publisher: InterVarsity Press Date: 2004 ISBN: 0-8308-2784-6 This book by Gregory Ganssle is pitched at young people who are high school aged or above. It presents the main arguments for belief in God in an easily accessible way. According to philosophy professor Steve […]

Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture series

Series Title: Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture series Series Editor: Irwin, William. Publisher: Blackwell The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture series, according to its editor, is designed to ‘get philosophy out of the ivory tower by publishing books about smart popular culture for serious fans. With each volume in this series we seek to teach […]