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Political Philosophy by David Miller

Title: Political Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction Author: David Miller Publisher: Oxford University Press ISBN: 0-19-280395-6 This short book is an accessible resource for teachers. The book itself is probably, as a whole, too complex for most high school students. Teachers might use it primarily to familiarise themselves with the debates in political philosophy. There […]

Standing up for what you believe in

Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness, Socrates on Self-Confidence (Part 1) Alain de Botton tries out the Socrates approach to philosophy on unsuspecting Athenian pedestrians, and wonders why more people are not willing to stand up for what they believe in.

Old Skins by Chelsea White

This accessible article looks at the claim that purchasing ‘vintage’ fur is morally okay – or, at least, better than purchasing new fur. The article presents a range of arguments – from the suggestion that vintage fur carries with it a history (‘PETA senior campaigner Ashley Fruno said the only history a vintage fur had […]

BBC Ethics Guide

This ‘ethics guide’ links to a number of accessible resources, which present issues pertaining to animal ethics. Resources are grouped under headings, including: Overview, Rights and ethics, Using animals, Defending animals, Religious views, Animal-friendly lifestyles, and Audio features. While most of the articles are very accessible, some are replete with arguments and others are not. […]

Eat This

This short documentary (22:20) follows four teenagers as they investigate how meat is produced, its effect on our health, and its effect on the environment. The teenagers interview a range of people – among them a philosopher – in an effort to arrive at answers. This clip could be used to introduce a lesson or […]

Basic Tenets of Animal Rights by Doris Lin

This article presents several arguments in favour of animal rights. It also links, throughout, to articles on related topics. One of the more interesting arguments that the author makes, which could be used to generate discussion, is that, ‘While eating dogs is morally offensive to some, there are those who would object to the practice […]

Animals as Property by Doris Lin

In this article, the author argues that animals should not be treated as property. She says that ‘we should not own non-human animals because we do not own humans, and treating animals differently is speciesist.’ One of the more interesting arguments that the author makes – and one that might be good for discussion – […]

Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare by Doris Lin

This article compares two views: the animal rights view, which holds that we do not have a right to use animals for our own purposes, and the animal welfare view, which holds that we do have a right to use animals, but that we must treat them well. It also links, throughout, to articles on […]